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Post Davos 2014: Policy makers not as bold as before; but we still need to reach critical mass

10 February 2014

We finish our Davos impressions with two positive statements and calls to action from the Chief Sustainability Officer of Ikea Group, Steve Howard, and from the Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, Georg Kell.

For Steve Howard “There is the beginnings of renewed energy and urgency to tackle climate change. As the world still emerges from recession most governments are not as  bold as they were before the financial crisis – but within the last few weeks we have new 2030 target proposals coming from the EU and a strong declaration of intent from President Obama:  the tide may just beginning to turn in favour of decisive climate action.  The next two years require all forward thinking businesses to join the debate and show full support for the low carbon economy.  At IKEA we will play our part in the policy debates and continue to invest in wind and solar as well as expanding our range of products that can help customers save energy waste and water.  The clean industrial revolution is well under way, it is a question of pace and scale. We need bold government policy and that will unlock the business innovation and investment required to get us where we need to be.”

The executive director of the UN Global Compact , Georg Kell, had this to say to The Guardian Sustainable Business, as he made his way back down the mountain:

“The lesson from Davos is clear: much more needs to be done to reach critical mass. It is time for business leaders to advocate the right public policy changes and to win over peers and competitors for the right cause. The WEF 2014 has given courage to move ahead”.

Sustainability events coming soon

10 August 2010

Sustainability will be the main topic of several events that will take place after summer vacations. As a member of the main organizations oriented to sustainable development, we invite you to follow them:


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